Andrew and Zachari Smith

Andrew and Zachari Smith are an accomplished father and son indie folk duo with something to say.  Andrew is one of very few Canadians to have won the prestigious Kerrville NewFolk songwriting competition.  He is also a “world-class” tap style guitarist.  Andrew just won the 2014 Okanagan Arts Award in the category of music.  Zachari can play just about any instrument he tries and his songwriting, often filled with political subject matter, harkens back to the early days of Dylan.  Their live sound is big for a duo – created by a surprising blend of mandolin, dobro, banjo, suitcase drum kit, guitars and family harmonies.


The pair started touring with the release of their first album, Travelling.  In April 2014, Andrew and Zachari are releasing their 2nd album, Stumbling Horse.  The album proves that the pair have something to say.  Their songs arise from what they have both lived through and learned over the past two years; songs of love and betrayal, emotive and passionate, and at times reflecting their ongoing concern for the environment.


Although father and son work on songs together and separately, the elder Smith admits that despite the familial bond it’s much like any other partnership.  And both feel fortunate to able to tour with each other.


“It’s great to hang out with my son, make music with him and just hear the songs he writes.  He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who brings new life to the tunes and to our concerts.  It works on a lot of different levels,” says Andrew.






"Just wanted to say that I received a promo copy of Andrew and Zachari's latest album, Stumbling Horses.  It arrived shortly before Christmas and I have only now had the opportunity to listen to it.  I liked it instantly, admiring not only the harmonies, the great musicianship and the variety of styles and sounds, but also how there is room for both the political and the personal to meet in their music.  Good stuff; I have already given it a spin and will continue to give the album some airplay over the next few weeks.  Wonderful to receive a copy of unknown (to me) indie artists of such high quality."

Julie, CFLX, Sherbrooke, QC


“Absolute Worldclass”

The Saxony Times, Dresden Germany

"Smith has a great singing voice, and his chops are punctual and clean"

Penguin Eggs


“A Wonderful Performance”

Victoria Folk Club


“There’s no doubt that Andrew and Zach excel on their own musically but having them together, accompanying each other with drums, mandolin, dobro and pitch perfect harmonies is just spectacular”






Garth Oliver Bowen posted on Andrew and Zachari Smith's Facebook Page:

"Great work by Andrew and Zach. Andrew's guitar style is impressive. Lyrics that cut to the chase. Good players, good writers. Honest performers"



Reid Johnson commented on Andrew and Zachari Smith's Facebook Page:

Reid wrote: "You guys fight a good fight. There is a long hard road ahead, we must be up to the task.


Bruce Wiebe comment:

"Sweet! Good grief you guys, slappin' em down. What control you have exhibited! I'm all imagining the amps all at 11, the front line of guitars all thick and heavy, the screaming, frothing, bleeding vocal cords and ears, the pounding, the leaping about... But no, you kept control of it the whole way thru, ah, the tension, the glory! I'm rag wrung. Very heavy unit, that."